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– A photo therapy session with Michele Elizaga.

Even the most beautiful woman in the world would stare into a mirror and despise what she sees. That is, if she doesn’t learn to walk in the freedom and truth of her own beauty – and I know, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, out of the blue, freedom knocks on my door and I answer, and so on that day of visit I walk around smiling at the world, feeling comfortable resting in the truth that “I am beautiful, no matter what they say.” Then the next thing I know, I wake up again, with feeling hatred for myself. These are experiences many of us share, and a cycle that many helplessly wish they could break.

This topic came about at my favorite coffee shop on Sukhumvit Soi 8, as I was getting to know this new friend of mine, Michele. We were opened hearts sharing about our passions and dreams, and just loving the similarities between us. We reflected on how we’ve consumed words, perceptions, fears and lies that were imposed on us by people, media, and even ourselves; and how it formed such a distorted image of who we are. And for the longest time, we let ourselves live under that false introspection because we knew not how to break free. This is what she shared –

“Growing up as an Asian-American, I did a better job of embracing the identity of the world around me instead of the identity within. Having friends who had blonde hair and blue eyes, and who the boys always seemed to gravitate towards, fed the lie that I wasn’t pretty enough, nor was I ever going to be…”

So on that day, we decided to do a photo therapy session together, and I call it, “This Truth is Mine,” simply because it’s about her journey in finding and embracing the new truth about herself, the truth that belongs to her and that nobody can take away, even if they try.

That truth is, Beauty runs skin deep. Yes. But there is freedom and healing in embracing all that you were created to be… inside and out. But above all, I am loved in spite of my beauty, intelligence and compassion. And this, my soul is beginning to know so well.”

Read more about her journey here

She’s Worth It

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This is a picture from NightLight Design’s Valentine’s campaign. NLD is a company committed to provide alternative employment for women in the red light

district. Helping these women out of the bars is no easy task – it takes years and years of building relationships, taking care of them holistically, this meaning our help extends to their family, personal life crisis and so on… and also finding ways to equip them with life-skills. Sometimes we don’t get love back as much as we give, but you know what – they are still so worth it. The seeds of love that we plant in each other will eventually grow.

Jewelry from NLD are all made by these wonderful women and so every piece that you buy goes to their salaries every month. You can visit their website here:

NightLight International

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