April 24, 2013 § 2 Comments


My lovely friend Kristina (nicknamed by family, the Bean) modeling for me for NightLight Design’s Spring/Summer Line. I have promised her some Facebook profile pictures, so I’m giving her this one for now. She will be off to Mozambique (again) soon to staff at the Harvest School….why Africa?

Just read HERE

Anyway, I’m seriously considering upgrading my camera. I’m using a Canon 550d right now, and even though I have some pretty awesome lenses like the 35mm Carl Zeiss, I’m getting very curious whether photography is really pure talent or just great equipment.

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  • mgelizaga says:

    My vote is pure talent!!!!

    • That’s what my dilemma is 🙂 I’ve been thinking that I need a higher quality camera because I see pictures out there that I think it’s only achievable with a good equipment, but then I’m a little scared to find out that it’s not about the equipment after all.

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