Junk in the Sand

April 17, 2013 § 3 Comments


It's neither poop nor blood. It's what happens during the Songkran Festival.

A nifty hiding place for a purse.

Thai people call these flowers "Peacock's Tail"

The many layers of our society; the tallest building in the back is the "Hilton"

A very nice beach indeed until you find that junk in the sand.

Got a few shots of the Hilton lobby as I snuck in to use the bathroom.
Goodies come to those who wait 🙂 
It took a while to blow this little grill on fire for some great BB-Q

This is my second time down in Hua Hin beach for the national water festival. I stayed right in the center of the water fight last year, and did not enjoy the crowd blocking my path and trying to smear powder on my face. So I’m quite glad we stayed in a more secluded place this time round. My car of course, didn’t make it through without being covered in paint splatters (though the government banned the use of powder or paint this year).

I’m not quite sure when my excitement for Songkran had stopped. Maybe it was when I saw news of women dancing on pick up trucks in their bras being groped by men, or when I heard about Songkran being just an opportunity for senseless people to take advantage of others. It could definitely be when I saw groups of young men throwing cement blocks and “bleeding” each other to the ground this year…and who cares if they hit one of the cars passing by! My friends and I were stuck in traffic in our car and couldn’t think of what to do except to watch the terrifying scenario in front of us. I honked the horn (not that it’s any helpful), and one of us rolled down the window and yelled, which wasn’t such a great idea either because in that stage of rage, some people cannot tell friends from foes. Anyhow, we all took a blow on depression for a while after that event. It’s like strolling down a nice beach until you discover trash buried in the sand, and it makes you wonder why people let their crap get in the way of something beautiful.

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