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When I Grow Up…

I actually was supposed to get my other friend to model for me, but then this child caught my eye and I decided to try it out. It was fun directing the little girl, because she didn’t fully understand what we were doing she kept asking, “why do we have to move over there? Why do I have to stand here?” It was so cute, I’d say she did try to follow my instructions as best as possible….she just couldn’t keep still long enough for me to take a nice shot. So this one’s the best I got for a 10 minute shoot.


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My lovely friend Kristina (nicknamed by family, the Bean) modeling for me for NightLight Design’s Spring/Summer Line. I have promised her some Facebook profile pictures, so I’m giving her this one for now. She will be off to Mozambique (again) soon to staff at the Harvest School….why Africa?

Just read HERE

Anyway, I’m seriously considering upgrading my camera. I’m using a Canon 550d right now, and even though I have some pretty awesome lenses like the 35mm Carl Zeiss, I’m getting very curious whether photography is really pure talent or just great equipment.

Junk in the Sand

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It's neither poop nor blood. It's what happens during the Songkran Festival.

A nifty hiding place for a purse.

Thai people call these flowers "Peacock's Tail"

The many layers of our society; the tallest building in the back is the "Hilton"

A very nice beach indeed until you find that junk in the sand.

Got a few shots of the Hilton lobby as I snuck in to use the bathroom.
Goodies come to those who wait 🙂 
It took a while to blow this little grill on fire for some great BB-Q

This is my second time down in Hua Hin beach for the national water festival. I stayed right in the center of the water fight last year, and did not enjoy the crowd blocking my path and trying to smear powder on my face. So I’m quite glad we stayed in a more secluded place this time round. My car of course, didn’t make it through without being covered in paint splatters (though the government banned the use of powder or paint this year).

I’m not quite sure when my excitement for Songkran had stopped. Maybe it was when I saw news of women dancing on pick up trucks in their bras being groped by men, or when I heard about Songkran being just an opportunity for senseless people to take advantage of others. It could definitely be when I saw groups of young men throwing cement blocks and “bleeding” each other to the ground this year…and who cares if they hit one of the cars passing by! My friends and I were stuck in traffic in our car and couldn’t think of what to do except to watch the terrifying scenario in front of us. I honked the horn (not that it’s any helpful), and one of us rolled down the window and yelled, which wasn’t such a great idea either because in that stage of rage, some people cannot tell friends from foes. Anyhow, we all took a blow on depression for a while after that event. It’s like strolling down a nice beach until you discover trash buried in the sand, and it makes you wonder why people let their crap get in the way of something beautiful.

My flight to patriotism

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I Am No Stranger

Where the City Parties All Night

Lonely Light

Mainstreet Disney Causeway Bay Classic Me Banjo Player Going back to childhood The Damsel Overlooking Stanley Magical Night

I was never a Patriotic person. I love my country and King and all, but never felt the need to have any sense of attachment to my homeland, whatsoever. When I was five, my father was sent by the government to represent his office, so we moved to Rome, Italy; and 6 years of childhood in a foreign land, shall we say, makes me a third-culture-kid. After returning back to Bangkok, I never really made an effort to reconnect with my homeland, and I especially never really made an effort to pay attention to politics. But my recent trip to Hong Kong changed my dull view of my country. For the past few years all I’ve wanted to do was GET OUT OF BANGKOK. It was driving me nuts how much of a routine my life had become. My creative juices were running dry, my daily activities were within the radar of my office, home, and malls…and I hung out with the same people EVERYDAY, almost 24/7. So when my boyfriend flew to Hong Kong for an editing job, it was a necessary excuse to take leave.
It’s my third time in Hong Kong, but I still love it! I loved being in a country that I couldn’t speak the language for a change, because I got to experience what most foreigners do in Thailand.

I loved how fashionable people were. I loved being overwhelmed by the cold breeze as I strolled down The Victoria Harbor. I loved how organized the streets were, and how in nearly every little road, there were pedestrian crossing lightings; and I loved being woken up every early morning by what I thought was my alarm clock, but instead was the sound of the crossing light alert…if you’d like to hear what it sounds like, click here:

Obnoxious right? Ha – call me crazy.

And though I’ve enjoyed standing awkwardly in the midst of the crowd at Causeway Bay waiting for a good shot, or drinking Hoegarden among some of the most beautiful people I’ve seen at Lan Kwai Fong, or taking the Mickey Mouse train to Disneyland, or feeding my temptations by window shopping…. It all hit me in the end as I was on the plane back home…

There are probably more than thousands of cool places in Bangkok alone that I’ve never made an effort to discover. I’d probably be as fascinated with my own country just as I was with Hong Kong, if I didn’t take it all for granted. I blame my routine life on mere laziness, and lack of love for my homeland. It’s embarrassing when foreigners know about your country better than you do. So I’ve made a decision, that I would start looking at my country with a fresh perspective – a loving perspective, and that I would make an effort to pour out more love for this nation, and its people. That’s my definition of patriotism.

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Fish don’t climb trees

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So I stumbled upon this clip on Vimeo and I’m absolutely wowed by it. I mean, Mike Breach basically turned something as simple as milk and coffee into a fame worth, cup full of  ‘artistic blend.’ I’ve seen coffee art before, but he’s taken it to the next level. And that’s something I really appreciate in certain people, that is, their ingenious abilities to make something of value out of nothing. An even more admirable fact is their patience and determination they’ve put into what many people often think is insignificant. But in the end, their work adds a bit of joy to your day, doesn’t it?

I actually came across this quote before I saw Mike’s brilliant coffee art, and then I couldn’t agree more with old Albert.

Fish don't climb trees

This truth is mine

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– A photo therapy session with Michele Elizaga.

Even the most beautiful woman in the world would stare into a mirror and despise what she sees. That is, if she doesn’t learn to walk in the freedom and truth of her own beauty – and I know, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, out of the blue, freedom knocks on my door and I answer, and so on that day of visit I walk around smiling at the world, feeling comfortable resting in the truth that “I am beautiful, no matter what they say.” Then the next thing I know, I wake up again, with feeling hatred for myself. These are experiences many of us share, and a cycle that many helplessly wish they could break.

This topic came about at my favorite coffee shop on Sukhumvit Soi 8, as I was getting to know this new friend of mine, Michele. We were opened hearts sharing about our passions and dreams, and just loving the similarities between us. We reflected on how we’ve consumed words, perceptions, fears and lies that were imposed on us by people, media, and even ourselves; and how it formed such a distorted image of who we are. And for the longest time, we let ourselves live under that false introspection because we knew not how to break free. This is what she shared –

“Growing up as an Asian-American, I did a better job of embracing the identity of the world around me instead of the identity within. Having friends who had blonde hair and blue eyes, and who the boys always seemed to gravitate towards, fed the lie that I wasn’t pretty enough, nor was I ever going to be…”

So on that day, we decided to do a photo therapy session together, and I call it, “This Truth is Mine,” simply because it’s about her journey in finding and embracing the new truth about herself, the truth that belongs to her and that nobody can take away, even if they try.

That truth is, Beauty runs skin deep. Yes. But there is freedom and healing in embracing all that you were created to be… inside and out. But above all, I am loved in spite of my beauty, intelligence and compassion. And this, my soul is beginning to know so well.”

Read more about her journey here

Nomadic Life

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Canon 550D, 35mm

One of my friends who’s a missionary here in Bkk, was standing over her apartment’s balcony as we were doing a photoshoot for work. Her skirt was just a great accent to the dim lighted sunset so I had to steal the moment.

The picture reminds me of others like her who have traveled miles away from home, venturing different cultures to follow their callings. Many of whom I’ve heard about are persecuted even by their own families for doing so, because some people associate fruitfulness only with money, and cannot fathom happiness and success from serving others. But it is because of people like this friend of mine that so many lives were touched and changed. They love on those who don’t deserve it, they give to those who desperately need it, and they pray for those who don’t even know it. And their love is like light, and when light enters dark places it becomes contagious spreading to the corners we don’t even see. But what we do see, is the holistic change in the person, the community, and the nation.


“A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.”

Flower Child

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Floral Summer

Canon 550d, Karl Zeiss 35 mm.

There’s never been a better day to get lost. The three of us friends, Kristina (who goes by the nickname Bean), sweet Michele (whom I met not a few weeks ago and happen to really enjoy her company), and I, decided to go on a little excursion to find locations we could use for Michele’s photo therapy session. Our first agreement was to drive to the port, but you know roads in Bangkok, you get lost even with a GPS with you! The sign told me to turn left, the GPS told me to go straight, and I ended up at the tollway…… Well, we had no other choice but to pay the fee and enjoy the highway ride.  We drove all the way to the other side of town, miles away from our intended destination, through short cuts and last minute turns, we ended up at my favorite park in Bkk, the Rama 9 park. The park is divided into many sections and decorated like the gardens from different countries – Japan, Spain, Italy, etc…it was wonderful, it felt like a vacation, like taking a trip to the beach, but instead of sand there was grass….. I know, it all sounds weird but that was the whimsicalness we all felt. I’m glad we got lost. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned, it ends up being even better!

Horizon Line

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My Photoshop journey is never the same. I seem to never be able to get the same effect for the second picture.

That’s because I usually experiment so much and never keep track of my steps! Something I have to learn to do if I want things to be consistent.

I don’t think I can fully say I’m a professional because my skills are nowhere near what actual professionals can do…. but I’m at the moment just happy to imitate them. I guess for this picture I lowered a lot of yellow in the selective color, worked on highlights & shadows, air brushed, and tipped up the blue curve.


Horizon Line Necklace

NightLight Design, Co.Ltd

She’s Worth It

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This is a picture from NightLight Design’s Valentine’s campaign. NLD is a company committed to provide alternative employment for women in the red light

district. Helping these women out of the bars is no easy task – it takes years and years of building relationships, taking care of them holistically, this meaning our help extends to their family, personal life crisis and so on… and also finding ways to equip them with life-skills. Sometimes we don’t get love back as much as we give, but you know what – they are still so worth it. The seeds of love that we plant in each other will eventually grow.

Jewelry from NLD are all made by these wonderful women and so every piece that you buy goes to their salaries every month. You can visit their website here:

NightLight International

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